Support for Early Career Teachers

We recognise the importance of cherishing our staff and note the need to keep good teachers in the profession.  Support during the early years of a teaching career is vital.  The support of a good mentor and the support for a good mentor are both crucial.  We run two programmes on behalf of the Guildford Diocese to address this issue:

NQT Programme – 7 sessions

This programme is delivered by practitioners.  We develop a strong sense of community and support and recognise the importance of pastoral support for colleagues in their first year of teaching.  Our programme is accredited by the George Abbot Teaching School. 

Session 1:  Support for mentors and assessors

Session 2:  What can I expect from my NQT year? – preparing for assessment

Session 3: How can I effectively meet the emotional wellbeing of my students and myself?

Session 4:  How can I effectively promote the values of our church school to my students?  (Where relevant to colleagues)

Session 5:  How can I manage learning and assessment effectively?

Session 6:  How do I get the most from working with my TA?

Session 7: Planning for year 2 and sharing great practice


Early Career Programme : NQT +1 : 4 sessions

Session 1:  Improving communication with parents and stakeholders

Session 2:  Behaviour Management

Session 3: Adaptive teaching

Session 4:  Cherishing my own professional development.  Planning for Year 3. 

For more information on both these programmes please click the following link