School Support

One of the core strands to our vision is that of ‘Learning and Developing Collaboratively’.   We believe that it is our core purpose to find examples of great practice and share it.  Our Strategic Board of Headteachers works together to ensure that they offer support to one another either from within the MAT group of schools or reaching beyond where needed.  Schools are empowered to share great practice and develop expertise.   Whatever the need of a school, our Multi Academy Trust School Effectiveness Leader will discuss bespoke school need and match up the appropriate support.  This is part of our ongoing provision.

Developing Networks. 

We currently have a range of networks that we are developing.  These include:

·         EYFS network

·         Moderation for Year 2 facilitated by qualified moderators

·         Moderation for Year 6 facilitated by qualified moderators

·         Moderation  and standardisation for Years 3 and 4

·         Subject networks

·         Pastoral support

We are developing links with the Collaborative Learning Teaching School Alliance (CLTSA) so we are able to broaden our offer of support.