School to School Support

At times we all need support as we all want to improve and develop. Our school improvement offer is built on the principles of transparency, respect and integrity.  Recognising that schools want support that makes a sustainable impact.  We want every school we work with to succeed to the very best of their capabilities.  We aim to provide you with the necessary tools, challenges and opportunities to be as successful as you can possibly be.

Our offer

A variety of support is available and bespoke packages are designed and tailored to meet the needs of the schools being supported. At the outset of any support, a very clear set of desired outcomes are identified, enabling us to monitor effectiveness.  The outcomes will be set according to the findings of the schools 'self-evaluation'.  If a self-evaluation process is not in place, then this is something we would be happy to assist with. 

For further information on School to School support please contact or call on 01372 468068 xt 211