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The Benefits

We see the key benefit of becoming a partner with ELT as, in working together, we can learn from each other. Additionally we offer the following benefits;

  • greater CPD opportunities thereby improving recruitment and retention of staff
  • widened range of curriculum opportunities for pupils
  • creative leadership and management is encouraged
  • increased ability to pay for the best provision
  • greater economies of scale

We also recognise the importance of Research and Development (R&D) in contributing to sustained improvement across the Trust in the belief that if it doesn't work, don't do it!  We have several, cross phase, R&D projects currently running exploring best practice pedagogy, and we would wish to expand this programme with schools within the Trust.

Why convert with ELT?

Improving Teaching and Learning is at the heart of our work as a Trust.

We have a wealth of experience through our active involvement in local and national initiatives and projects. We have links to 9 Primary Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), and as a secondary school, Esher CofE High School has a proven track record for supporting local and regional primary schools.

Our primary School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme which is organised as part of the Teach Surrey partnership, allows training and development of new teachers within the school setting.  This allows us to support our primary delegates and identify those with ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ potential, thereby enabling succession planning and creating a more sustainable environment.

We have a significant network of professionals and services to draw upon all of which can be deployed if required. Additionally we have a very strong working partnership with Surrey County Council and Babcock 4S as well as other high quality providers.  

As a MAT we are able to support school partners with a variety of services, depending on need. These services include School to School support across the Primary and Secondary sector as well as management advice, plus the provision of internal services such as;

School Improvement Annual school review, Leadership Peer review, Data Sharing, Governor Development support
Personnel Recruitment and retention, CPD, legal advice, careers advice
Facilities Management Site development, refurbishment and maintenance
ICT Curriculum development and timetabling, information data and assessment, IT infrastructure
Marketing & Communications Website development and management, newsletters, parent bulletins and emails

We have strong links with the Diocese of Guildford with representation from the diocese on the ELT board.   The last Diocesan report judged Esher C of E High School to “have clear Christian principles that underpin all that it does and relationships between all members of the school community were considered excellent”.

Underpinning all OF this is the recognition that working in a collaborative manner allows all partners to both ‘give’ and ‘receive’.  ELT is clear that all partner schools in the Trust will benefit from the strengths of one another. This ethos will be at the heart of the working relationships.

A significant amount of time has been spent developing structures and systems within ELT to allow for expansion and delivery as the Trust expands and grows.  As a Trust we believe that we have the infrastructure and resource in place to develop and grow as a Multi Academy partnership of Schools.