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ELT Vision

ELT was set up with the ambition to secure high levels of achievement for all pupils in all our partner schools.  We believe that schools can achieve far more through working together, resulting in even better outcomes for all our young people.  We are driven by a strong moral purpose to ensure the very best learning opportunities for the community our schools serve, in order to improve their life chances and enable them to live fulfilled lives.

We want to build a Trust that includes schools from all phases and that at are at all stages in their journey to outstanding and beyond.  This reflects the whole formal educational experience of the child from age 3 to 19 years providing coherence and strength from knowing every child.

We believe that each school in the Trust should retain their own identity.  It is important to recognise and respect the uniqueness of all the schools within the Trust. Through collaborative working, built on growing outstanding teachers and leaders, we want every school provide to an excellent educational experience.

Our guiding principles are as follows;

Envisioning, engaging and enabling leadership at all levels

Sustained improvement through collective working

Promoting innovative best practice across all schools

Commitment to continually raising standards in all schools

Recognition and respect of the uniqueness of all schools within the Trust

Each partner school will be supported and advised by the Trust.


And by using these guiding principles, we will;

  • Value the individual needs of all students, embrace diversity and inclusion putting the child at the heart of everything we do
  • Work in partnership with other schools and providers for the benefit of all students and in support of the education provision of young people in our community as a whole
  • Engage positively with staff, parents, the local community and a range of external agencies to support the academic and personal development and well-being of students
  • Embrace those of different faiths and of no faith, whilst continuing to value our Christian foundation and distinctiveness
  • Maintain a comprehensive intake of students adhering to the National Admissions’ Code and Local Authority protocols and continue to work in conjunction with Surrey County Council and local schools in meeting the needs of our local community
  • Maintain a broad, balanced and appropriately challenging curriculum catering for the needs of all students (based as far as efficiently possible on a personalised curriculum) and provide a range of stimulating extra curriculum opportunities
  • Seek to secure a well- qualified and highly committed workforce engaged under agreed employment principles and recognise the importance of maintaining a team of people whose professional skills are regularly reviewed and continuously developed
  • Oversee and deploy, where necessary, capital, human and financial resources effectively and imaginatively in a sustainable manner, to support the aims and ethos of the Trust
  • Value the contribution of all students, staff, parents and governors to the success of the school through consultation on key policies and involvement in self-evaluation and development planning processes
  • Maintain its status as a voluntary body working as guardians of each school’s ethos and values by supporting and challenging the school’s leadership in the best interest of all students.